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    What is the Ekstrasol?

    Ektrasol is a liquid fertilizer
    For the production of Extrasol, the bacterium BacillussubtilisCh-13 is used, isolated from the roots of healthy wheat plants and is able to actively populate plant roots after applying it to the seeds. Extrasol does not contain phytopathogenic fungi and bacteria. After processing the seeds of agricultural crops, the bacterium BacillussubtilisCh-13 actively populates the roots of plants and protects them from the penetration of phytopathogenic fungi and bacteria. The bacterium actively produces growth-stimulating substances and vitamins, due to this, plants develop better and give a greater yield.

    What Does It Do?

    Extrasol increases the yield and quality of agricultural products. Extrasol helps to properly process the organic residues of agricultural crops into humus soil, thereby increasing its fertility. Provides resistance to frost, drought and other stresses. Provides collection of early products for 7-15 days. With the combined use of mineral fertilizers and Extrasol, the nutrients of fertilizers ina are 20-30% more efficiently used by plants. When using Extrasol, plants develop 25% more efficiently. The use of Extraol stimulates plant immunity to diseases and pests.

    How Does It Work?

    Extrasol contains BacillussubtilisCh-13, which is able to actively populate plant roots and inhibit the development of phytopathogenic organisms. When spraying plants, bacteria are able to penetrate the stomata of plants and protect them from diseases, improve physiological and biochemical processes in plants.

    Extrasol Target

    The priority of using Extrasol is to obtain high-quality, environmentally friendly products, environmental protection, safety for humans, animals and plants.
    • Improves product quality and crop yield
    • Allows to reduce the dose of mineral fertilizers by 50% without reducing crop yields
    • Can be actively used in organic farming